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FIX ID: 3743115 Symptom: After replication completes, revision data for IPS, Download Protection, and SONAR definitions report as "Not available" in the Symantec Endpoint Protect Manager console.

Solution: Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager now correctly reports IPS, Download Protection, and SONAR definition information after replication.

FIX ID: 3778957 Symptom: The option Disable Symantec Endpoint Protection from the Symantec Endpoint Protection notification area icon is grayed out and unavailable.

The policy indicates you should be able to disable Symantec Endpoint Protection.

FIX ID: 3758498 Symptom: The Symantec Endpoint Protection client installer always maintains existing communication settings when upgrading by Auto Upgrade, regardless of policy configuration.

Solution: Client upgrade by Auto Upgrade now correctly honors the policy option to replace communication settings and policies.

FIX ID: 3715517 Symptom: Administrator-defined weekly scheduled scans get suspended within 1-2 minutes of starting or resuming them.

Solution: Cleared registry entries from previous scan type after a change to an administrator-defined scan, so that the correct suspend time is returned correctly.

However, when the logs are exported, the paths are delimited with forward slashes (/).

FIX ID: 3744905 Symptom: Closing the windows that display when you click Display Virus List in Central Quarantine causes the process to use 100% of the CPU.

Solution: Prevents an invalid object from being accessed when the thread completes.

FIX ID: 3766370 Symptom: Custom Host Integrity logging incorrectly triggers the display of a notification area (system tray) message.

Solution: Disabled the flag which allows these messages to display for custom messages.

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